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Whether you’re backstage at the theater or crossing a tile floor on location at a competition venue, taking your taps on and off constantly is a challenge that is no longer necessary. Our patent-pending OverTaps slide easily over your tap shoes to allow for quiet practice, crossing any style of flooring without causing damage, and protecting your taps when outside.

With a 1/4″ rubber sole, reinforced toe and heel, and soft neoprene cover, you’ll love your pair of OverTaps. And don’t stop at just one pair! With three color options, you can collect the whole collection.

What keeps you coming back to tap dance detroit?

"If you have ever thought to yourself, I’d like to try that, know that you can. I had zero experience, never tapped a step. I was older than you are. All I had was desire. I’m no Gregory Hines or Denise Caston-Clark. But I can tap rings around the “me” that walked into Tap Dance Detroit last year."
Dave C.
"This is a warm, welcoming studio and Denise is a wonderful instructor. My daughter started beginner tap a year and a half ago, since then she has really progressed and looks forward to dance every week. They offer tap, jazz, and ballet classes for adults as well, all levels. We feel lucky to have them in the area!"
tecla w.
"Great dance studio! Denise is a wonderful teacher for both children and adults, patiently challenging her students to do more than they think they can. Lots of performance opportunities. I’m an old guy with a hobby, but I’ve watched her develop talented children to excel in competitions. Fabulous dancer herself!"
Brian s.

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